Of Plagues Infernal EP

by Eroding The Past

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Taylor Kick ass death metal, soon to have the inimitable Stu on Vox! Can't wait to hear his impact!
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Once a zombie outfitted Death Metal band formed in 2012 now returned from the grave and alive this time, hailing from the very depths of Ocala Florida, Eroding the Past takes a stand in making heavy, melodic, and riffy Death Metal in your face, combining everything that is loved in all genres of metal, while still keeping it dark and brutal. Eroding the Past gets down with their first ever self recorded self produced EP, Of Plagues Infernal self released in 2014, and rereleased in 2016. Tracks, including Rot in the Tomb, Disecting Deceit and Thy Caliginous, have finally been recorded and as well as more recent tracks, The Avarice Axiom, and the instrumental album titled track Of Plagues Infernal.
Good tasty riffs and epic shreds await you! Keep it Metal and Thank You for the Support!


released October 15, 2014

Performances by
Dakota Tappeiner: Vocals
Reese Rudder: Guitar
Justin "Tapner" Tappeiner: Guitar
Casey "NecroTerror" Stewart: Bass
Mark Beasley: Drums



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Eroding The Past Ocala, Florida

"Way Hahhd" Dave Carriero: Drums
Stu Everson: Vocals
Reese "Dean" Rudder: Guitar
Casey "Ja" Stewart: Bass
Justin "Tapner" Tappeiner: Guitar

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Track Name: The Avarice Axiom
V1) disheartened pushing forward through the blackened barrage of lies, fragments of reality where deaths the only promise

CHORUS) Take a look inside is this worth your life open up your eyes

V2)No way to see through the darkness before me lies vast emptiness, a field lined with deceit, and paved by bodies who willingly died for decorative lies and painted injustice with glory , injustice with glory

V3) Unified what are you fighting for? The thrones ablaze in lies, you're ending innocence, they tell you " it's a righteous fight" it's your suicide

CHUG BRIDGE) The endless slaughter a force of peril in a world full of greed there's no salvation

CHORUS) Look inside the lies is it worth your life? Open up your eyes see the truth in destruction!!!
Track Name: Rot In The Tomb
V1) the casket sinks, a resting place for those who've died yet I'm alive encased in black I scream!!! The lid won't budge with every breath my life engulfed in hellish flame the dirt imprisons me!!

Double time riff) six feet beneath, all those that grieve , locked away in this shallow grave, yet blood still flows, so fluidly, forever in hell I remain!

V2) now as the terror peaks, splintered wood surrounds me these walls slowly separate , festering dead earth consumes me,
A maddening smile draws across my face as I accept my fate, I tortured soul encased in wood and stone to preserve my memory!!

Run up/down riff) from earth he came and now remains, rotting skin plagued with maggots and worms, pointing signs of a sickened decay, rot in the tomb where he wrongfully lay.


Outro) denounced by your gods vengeful ways! Forever in hell I remain
Track Name: Disecting Deceit
V1) the sanctuary's set atrocities performed, laid cold and lifeless I held on so long, your tender flesh will be deformed, looking up at me as I tear out your heart,

V1.5) incisions made the knives begin to beg , to seek redemption upon your lovely face, I've waited so long to show you what you've done , don't worry darling this horrors just begun!

Triplet riff) removing flesh stripped to your purist form, beauty replaced ill find out who you really were, my hands rejoice as I tear apart your throat, removing lies the words that you once spoke, spine begins to crack your shoulders separate, cradling your head as my arms begin to shake it seems so real to me, this final memory

-Roll pick bridge-

V2) your empty shell contorted to display, inside my mind the demons you create, remove the gums carve out your fuckin teeth, a mangled smile forged on by sharpened blade, I kiss your neck, you are my inner peace.


Track Name: Thy Caliginous
V1) enticing, shrouded with deception my human form pulls forth, without hesitation my prey falls so ends your time.

Prechorus) entwined in ravenous arms, my mind takes over, shrouding your sense in perverse well-being my teeth sink

Chorus) you will be my life source tonight left cold in a shallow grave

V2) consumed by your terror leaving you to die where you lay, throat torn shows glimmering bones, pale body left bloodless in vain...

Pre chorus1-again

Then add..

draining you of the life you know laced in darkness with you


Breakdown) in this black moonless night, cursed with eternal life


V3) return to my lair by day, to escape all of their dismay till the darkness returns for me.

They die